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Mayor and City Council

The City of Spencer is chartered as a Mayor-Council form of government. There are seven council members. The city is divided into five wards, one council member is elected from each of the five wards and two run at-large which means that everyone in all five wards may vote for them. The Mayor is elected by the voters for a term of two years. The council members are elected by the voters for a term of four years. The council meets in regular session the first and third Mondays of each month to conduct the city’s business and can meet for special meetings at anytime. They are also involved in several committee meetings throughout the month.

City Ward Map

Board Members Phone Number Appointed Term Ends
Mayor Steve Bomgaars
101 W. 5th Street
Spencer, IA
(712) 580-7200 2022 12/31/2025
City Council Ward 1 Tom Nelson
503 W 4th Street
Spencer, IA
(712) 260-7464 2019 12/31/2025
City Council Ward 2 David Lyons
306 W 13th St
Spencer, IA
712-584-6079 2023 12/31/2027
City Council Ward 3 Tracey Larsen
1420 1st Ave West
Spencer, IA
(712) 262-7189 2019 12/31/2025
City Council Ward 4 Donavan Wunschel
1304 15th Ave West
Spencer, IA
(712) 363-6657 2020 12/31/2027
City Council Ward 5 Ron Hanson
29 Stoneybrook Circle SW
Spencer, IA
(712) 262-7748 2005 12/31/2025
City Council At Large Loren Reit
2507 W 13th St
Spencer, IA
(712) 260-4500 2019 12/31/2027
City Council At Large Brian Balk
1124 St. Luke Drive
Spencer, IA
(712) 330-5914 2022 12/31/2025
101 W 5th Street
Spencer, IA 51301