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Dan joined the City of Spencer in November, 2021. With over 18 years of City Administrator experience, Dan holds a Master's of Public Administration and Master of Science, Urban & Regional Planning; and Bachelor of Science in Fisheries & Wildlife Biology degrees. Dan is an ICMA-CM, ICMA Credentialed Manager with an AICP certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Dan Gifford

City Manager

City Manager


The City Manager is appointed by a majority vote of all members of the City council, holds office at the pleasure of the council and is subject to removal and termination by majority vote of all members of the council; and is subject to the provisions and protections of section 372.4 of the Iowa Code.


The City Manager is directed by the Mayor and City Council, and serves as the chief administrator/operating officer for the City. They have authority to oversee the day-to-day operations of the City government and coordinate/assist all municipal departments, delegating authority to the department heads as appropriate.

The City Manager will provide for the efficient and effective management of all facets of Spencer City government under the control and jurisdiction of the City council. He/she will provide optimum coordination, communication and cooperation between and among City departments, boards and commissions and City staff under the control and jurisdiction of the Spencer City Council. He/she will promote efficient, fair and equitable personnel management and administration, and support/assist retail, industrial and other economic development, as well as provide for the systematic and orderly flow of information to and from the Council, its department heads and staff and citizens of the community. The City Manager will serve as the primary liaison and City representative to community organizations and citizens, as well as public representative for the City.

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