General Information

Riverside Cemetery
1701 West 4th Street, Spencer, IA 51301
Phone: (712) 580-7250

North Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery
2208 Highway Boulevard, Spencer, IA 51301
Phone: (712) 580-7250

City Hall
418 2nd Avenue West, Spencer, IA 51301
Phone: (712) 580-7200

Riverside Cemetery consists of 46 acres and has been owned by the City of Spencer since it was platted in 1878. It was not the first cemetery in Spencer. The first one was in an area northwest of Spencer, but due to the high water level, the bodies buried there were moved to the present Riverside site. Records of the burials were destroyed by fire about 1916, so now double records are kept, one at the cemetery office, and the other at City Hall. Many methods were used to replace those records lost in the fire. Relatives and acquaintances were contacted, and visitors came to the cemetery from all over to assist. The Mausoleum was constructed about 1918, and the heirs of the builders sold it in 1956 to the City of Spencer for $1.00. It consists of a portal, chapel with stained glass windows, corridors, and a family department. A $40,000 bequest in 1980 provided funds to restore the Mausoleum for chapel services. The Franklin Floete family, early lumberyard dealers, have the only private mausoleum at Riverside.

The City was also given possession of North Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in September of 1995. North Lawn consists of 10 acres, and all burial markers are level with the ground. It was founded in 1937, as a cemetery designed and developed along the Park Plan Concept.

There are many war veterans in our Spencer cemeteries from the Spanish-American War, the Civil War, World Wars I & II, Korea and Vietnam. We salute those of you who survived these wars, and honor those who died for us. There is a monument at Riverside of a soldier holding a gun. It was erected in 1915. It is 20′ high, 6’6″ at the base, and stands on a concrete foundation reaching 6’6″ below the surface. It is constructed entirely of Vermont granite. Spencer Monumental Works was awarded the contract for the monument for $2,000.

Each Memorial Day is also marked with a display of Veteran Flags, known as the “Avenue of Flags”. Approximately 25-30 new flags are dedicated each year on Memorial Day. Each flag is named for a deceased veteran. It is a breathtaking sight that is worth seeing.

Our cemetery staff consists of a superintendent and several part-time employees.

Riverside Cemetery/North Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery Rules

  • Decoration Policy: Fresh flowers or artificial seasonal bouquets will be allowed only in permanent vases or wrought iron stands (Riverside Cemetery ONLY). Decorations will be removed at any time if they become unsightly or deteriorated. Winter wreaths or grave blankets are allowed during the proper season.
  • Memorial Day Policy: Decoration policy stated above temporarily suspended for 2 days before and 1 week following Memorial Day.
  • The use of wire for attaching memorials is prohibited. Jars, glass containers, cans and other inappropriate objects are NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME and will be removed by Cemetery staff.
  • No planting or digging allowed.
  • Spring Clean-Up : April 1 – all decorations must be removed by this date or cemetery staff will do so.
  • Fall Clean-Up : October 1 – all decorations must be removed by this date or cemetery staff will do so.
  • The City of Spencer shall not be liable for loss of vases, floral arrangements or any type of memorial decoration.
  • Snowmobiles, horses and dogs are NOT permitted in cemetery.
  • Questions may be addressed to the City of Spencer, Cemetery Superintendent at (712) 580-7250.

It is our goal to maintain the general beauty of Riverside Cemetery and North Lawn Memorial Cemetery for all people and anything that would detract from the appearance and harmony of these cemeteries must be avoided. Thank you for your cooperation.


The City of Spencer now offers residents the opportunity to search the City’s Cemetery Databases online.  There are two separate databases, one for Riverside Cemetery and one for North Lawn Cemetery.  This new program allows residents the ability to search the cemetery database and view the location of gravesites on a map of the respective cemetery.  People may search by name of the deceased or owner of the burial plot.  These databases are up to date with the latest information that is available to City Staff.  If you have questions on how to navigate the program, please call City Hall at (712) 580-7200 and our staff will be happy to assist you.

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