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FEMA Assistance:

  • Visit the Disaster Recovery Center at the Fairgrounds, Towergate Pavilion 8am-6pm daily
     **NOTE – FEMA registration deadline is August 23!**
  • How to appeal FEMA’s decision: ENGLISH    SPANISH

Muck/mud out help needed for my house:

  • Call Samaritan’s Purse (833) 747-1234 or Stop by Hope Church.  Organization is faith-based; services are free!
  • Call Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (573) 418-7793. Organization is faith-based; services are free!

Food Needed:

  • Visit the Distribution Center at Foundation Church (1410 W. 18th St).
  • Three (3) meals are held daily at the Bomgaars parking lot.
  • Cases of water can be picked up at the Wal-Mart parking lot.

I feel overwhelmed; who can I call?

  • Call Seasons Center (844) 345-4569.

Shower and/or Laundry Needs: 

  • Showers – YMCA, Fairgrounds, north of Casey’s (West 18th Street), Wal-Mart, First Christian Church, and Scharnberg Park.
  • Laundry service – Wal-Mart and the Fairgrounds.

Transportation Needs:

  • Shuttle service is available throughout the community. Buses will run a circle route from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily to the following locations:
    Foundation Church; Shelter (Events Center); North Mall; Spencer Hospital; Avera Clinic; Hy-Vee; East Leach Park; Walmart; Menards; Windcrest.

Debris Removal:

Items can be left at the curb. Please sort them into 5 categories:

  1. Household Hazardous Waste Items
  2. Garbage
  3. Appliances, Electronics, Tires
  4. Scrap Metal
  5. Tree Limbs and Trimmings

Debris can also be dropped off at:

  • The Transfer Station, 3101 W 18th St.
  • The ADA parking pad in the fairgrounds, north parking lot
  • The Aquatic Center parking lot

How do I get power (There are 2 options):

  1. An Electrical Power Restoration form release and indemnification agreement form must be completed. This form allows electrical power to be restored to the property even though the property has not been inspected and may be unsafe for electrical power to be restored. This can be found on our website, facebook or City Hall.
  2. A certified electrician can inspect the property. They then contact city hall with the homeowners address, building officials from the city will inspect the property and once deemed safe, contacts SMU for power restoration. SMU is turning on power once the grid you are a part of is considered stable, not by individual addresses.

Donations can be made to:

My Car was Towed – Where is it?

  • Okoboji Towing, 712-332-1195

How do I volunteer to help?

  • Contact Samaritan’s Purse, a faith-based disaster recovery organization providing mud/muck out & mold remediation: 712-363-9353 or stop by Hope Church, 919 Grand Ave., Spencer. You can also register online: Safety orientations are held Mon.-Sat. @ 7:30am & 12:30pm.
  • Other volunteer groups with their own teams & supplies: Please stop by City Hall at 101 W. 5th Street to register your hours so they are captured for FEMA dollars. 
    • Note: we are not currently connecting independent individuals or groups with residents, as anyone going into residents’ homes that they do not know should be vetted, however, we do have more state/federal volunteers in route, and volunteer effort coordinations will continue to expand.

Sandbags Can be Taken To:

  • Pederson Park, empty if possible.

What if I Have Other Questions Not Answered Here?

  • Visit our main resource hub page and read through the additional information provided. If you still have questions, please call City Hall at 712-580-7200, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm or email
101 W 5th Street
Spencer, IA 51301