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New Flood Plain Maps Coming in 2021

Revised flood maps for Clay County, including properties within the city of Spencer, will become effective July 2021. Flood regulatory maps are managed by FEMA with partners: Iowa Flood Center, DNR, and US Army Corps of Engineers. The City of Spencer is a delegated flood management community. Please be advised that the boundaries of the flood plain will be changing – more in some areas than in others. All property owners are invited to review the preliminary maps at: https://ifis.iowafloodcenter.org/ifis/maps/hazard/

Initial public meetings were held by the DNR last fall, and the final appeal period is ending soon. If your property has a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or Letter of Map Change (LOMC) on file with the city, you will be receiving a letter indicating whether your prior filing will be revalidated or superseded. If your property is newly affected by the new flood maps, the Planning Department will be notifying you of this. If you have questions about your individual property, please contact the Planning Department.

Flood plain status may require you to purchase flood insurance. Be advised that you have the opportunity to purchase flood insurance at the current flood zone status prior to the effective date of the new flood maps. Please check with your insurance carrier to check into rates.

The following remains required (reference City Code Title 9, Chapter 16):

  • Construction and/or development (including grade work) within the 100-year flood plain requires a flood plain permit from the Spencer Planning Department in addition to the building
  • Construction within the Floodway requires review by the DNR, Army Corps of Engineers, and Spencer Board of Adjustment. The Spencer Planning Department will review project specific requirements with building permit


If you have specific questions regarding this information, please contact Anna Harmon, Building Code Official at the Spencer Planning Department: aharmon@spenceriowacity.com or 712-580-7200 ext 228.

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