AdministrationA.D.A. Task Force

A.D.A. Task Force

The City of Spencer council & staff will make reasonable effort to provide city services to all persons in the community, including and especially to persons with disabilities. City Hall is accessible to persons with disabilities. Notices of meetings are sent to the local radio, newspaper and television medias. Upon request, an interpreter can be available at council meetings to assist the hearing impaired. Services provided by the departments located in City Hall will be provided at a location other than City Hall or by arrangements over the telephone whenever requested or when a staff person feels it would be more convenient for the citizen.

The City of Spencer conducts a continuing program of self-evaluation to determine architectural barriers in City facilities. Noted barriers are included in future capital improvement planning for possible removal or changes, whenever possible. Currently, a new ADA Task Force is being established to review the Public Accommodations offered by the City, as well as to offer any other support it may give in helping coordinate compliance with ADA within the community.

Dan Gifford, City Manager of Spencer, Iowa is the designated ADA Coordinator for the City of Spencer. Additional information is available by contacting City Hall, at 101 W. 5th Street, Spencer or 712-580-7200.

Board Members Phone Number Appointed Term Ends
ADA Coordinator Dan Gifford, City of Spencer City Manager
101 W. 5th St., Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext. 210
City of Spencer Deputy City Manager / Finance Director Brian Weuve
101 W 5th St., Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext. 212
City of Spencer Human Resources Director Jessica Wright
101 W. 5th Street, Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext. 230
City of Spencer Public Works Director Mark White
101 W. 5th St., Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext. 215
City of Spencer Police Chief Mark Warburton
712 Grand Ave, Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext 338
City of Spencer Fire Chief John Conyn
10 Grand Ave., Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext 401
City of Spencer Parks & Recreation Director Bob Fullhart
405 4th St SE, Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext 141
City of Spencer Director of Golf Operations Brian Mohr
1320 4th Ave SW, Spencer
(712) 580-7280
City of Spencer Planning Director Adam Severson
101 W 5th St., Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext 217
City of Spencer Library Director Sarah Beth Fuchsen
21 E 3rd St, Spencer
(712) 580-7200 ext 103
101 W 5th Street
Spencer, IA 51301