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Permitting Policy during Flood Recovery

Permitting Policy during Flood Recovery – Planning Department – City of Spencer

1. Document: Property Owners should thoroughly document the impact of the flood to their property/properties including
a. Photograph all flood damage

b. Establish cost of damage incurred


2. Establish floodplain status: Zone AE (100 yr) / Zone X (500 yr) / No FP status
a. Zone AE will require a Floodplain Permit prior to restoration / remediation work. Contact the Planning Department with documentation information and schedule a meeting to determine next steps.

b. Zone X & No FP status will NOT require a Floodplain permit to being restoration/remediation work.


3. No cost permits.


4. Permits will be required for the following:
a. Floodplain permit for any work (including finishes) in Zone AE structures

b. Electrical Permits:
i. New or replacement services
1. Permits are not required for services that are existing to remain to be re-energized
ii. New wiring locations

c. Building Permits for
i. Demolition of structures
ii. New construction
iii. Additions (changes to the footprint of the building including patios, decks, etc)
iv. Remodeling – if changes are made to walls, windows, doors (interior layout)
v. Changing exterior materials of roofing or siding / cladding

d. Plumbing Permits:
i. New plumbing piping locations
ii. No plumbing permits required for repairs of piping NOT RELOCATED


5. No permits are required for restoration / remediation / replacement of the same materials at the same locations UNLESS:
a. The property is located in Zone AE

b. The building is demolished and will be replaced


Property Owners are encouraged to contact the Planning Department to discuss their individual situations and goals for their properties. The City will strive to support recovery efforts to the greatest extent possibly while meeting safety, code, and legal obligations.

City of Spencer Planning Department

Building Code Official Anna Harmon 712-580-7200 ext 228

101 W 5th Street
Spencer, IA 51301

Email: info@spenceriowacity.com