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Electrical Re-Energizing

Electrical Re-Energizing Update:

If you have a commercial property that is without power, please contact your electrician for review and coordination with the state electrical inspector to re-establish power.
If you have a residential property there will now be two options for you:
  1. Electrical safety review by electrician and inspection by City. Contact your electrician for review and then a city inspector will perform a fast approval prior to submitting to SMU for re-establishing power.

  2. Complete a waiver form acknowledging that you understand that no safety review was conducted prior to requesting power to be re-established. If you would like to request power without safety review, please complete the waiver form and return it to City Hall Front Desk. Those requests will then be sent to SMU for re-establishing power. Waiver forms may be obtained in hard copy from City Hall or completed / submitted online at: https://spenceriowa.seamlessdocs.com/f/bmq6qi3qghvu
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