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Low to Moderate Income families may apply through the month of November, 2017, at Spencer City Hall, 418 2nd AVe W, Spencer, Iowa or by calling 712-580-7200 for a Rate Reduction consideration.  If you qualify, the reduction would be rebated in December 2017 on your utility bill.  Qualifying Incomes are as follows:

1 Person  $12,060
2 People $16,248
3 People $20,424
4 People $24,600
5 People $28,788
6 People $32,964
7 People $37,140



017 4th Avenue West Storm Sewer – Phase I:


·    Vander Pol completed the storm sewer lateral on W 8th Street between 3rd Avenue W and 4th Avenue W.  Vander Pol will close the W 11th Street and 4th Avenue West intersection next week and will continue the improvements north along 4th Avenue West. 


·    DeLoss Construction prepared the subgrade and paved the west half of 4th Avenue W between W 10th Street and W 11th Street this past week.  They also worked on driveway and sidewalk replacements between W 9th Street and W 10th Street.  DeLoss plans to pave the east half of 4th Avenue West between W 10th Street and W 11th Street next week.




2017 South Spencer Drainage Project:

  • ·    BD Construction has completed the work in the 4th Avenue SW Retention Basin and the bio-swale between Grand Ave and 2nd Avenue SE.  They will coordinate the construction of the improvements within the Spencer Municipal Golf Course in near future.  



2017 Landfill Cell D1 Project:

  • ·    The new landfill cell is complete.  Leroy & Sons will finish up the leachate improvements next week.


2017 Sidewalk Improvement Project:

  • ·    Beck Excavating will work on the sidewalk on the north side of 13th Street SW next week.


As we approach the Clay County Fair, please be reminded of Chapter 3-1 of the Spencer IA City Code, regarding registration of peddlers, solicitors and transient merchants.

This ordinance pertains to the licensing and registration of "transient merchants" (persons who bring into the City any goods or merchandise for sale): "solicitors" (persons who solicit from house-to-house or place-to-place or upon public streets or other public property)' and "peddlers" (persons carrying goods or merchandise for sale from house to house or place to place or upon public streets or other public property)

The confines of the Cly County Fiargrounds are exempt from these regulations.

Persons wishing to register under this ordinance must apply at the City Clerk's Office, 418 2nd Avenue West at least 24 hourse before they intend to begin operations.  The process includes an application form, $25 application fee and $5 per day of registration.  A cash or equivalent bond of $500 is also required.  The bond shall not be cancelled or refunded until 30 days after the expiration of the registration.  A police check will be done on each applicant.

For registration information or a complete copy of Chapter 3-1 of the City of Spencer Code, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 418 2nd Avenue West, Spencer IA  51301, or call 712-580-7200, or Fax 712-580-7200.

City of Spencer Code can be found:

2017-2018 Solid Waste / Recycling Collection Schedule

The 2017-2018 Solid Waste / Recycling Collection schedule is now available.  You can download your new schedule here.  If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at (712) 580-7200.


Beginning May 1st the City of Spencer will be surveying properties for grass and weeds that exceed the 8" height rule.  Properties with grass/weeds that exceed 8" in height will be posted and property owners given 7 days to mow.  After 7 days, non-compliant properties will be mowed by the city, with associated costs billed to the property owner.  If you would like to apply for an "exemption" for haying, please ocntact Delray Bredehoeft at 580-7260 for an application.  For more information check out the City website at