City News


2017 4th Avnue West Storm Sewer-Phase 1

 Vander Pol worked on the underground improvements in the West 10th Street and 4th Avenue West intersection this past week.  They also started connecting water services between West 9th Street and West 10th Street this week.  Vander Pol will complete the remaining water services in that section and the inlets in the West 10th Street intersection early next week.  Vander Pol plans to close 4th Avenue West between West 10th Street and West 11th Street the middle of next week.  The West 11th Street intersection and the portion of the project north of West 11th Street will remain open until after the Clay County Fair. 

DeLoss Construction paved the west half of 4th Avenue W from Cobb’s Court north past West 9th Street on Tuesday, August 8th.  Deloss has also been replacing intersection pavements, sidewalks and driveway approaches south of West 9th Street.

 A Change Order is being developed to extend the project north to just south of West 12th Street to use up remaining CDBG Grant funds because the as-bid project was under the budget estimate.


2017 South Spencer Drainage Project
 BD Construction has completed excavation of the bio-swale between South Grand Avenue and 2nd Avenue SE.  They will complete work on the bioswale next week. 

2017 Landfill Cell D1 Project:
 Leroy and Sons completed the clay liner in the bottom of the cell this week.  They plan to start installing the synthetic liner for the cell on Monday the 14th.

2017 Sidewalk Improvement Project:
 Beck Excavating plans to complete the sidewalk along East 2nd Street by the High School the week of August 14th.  They plan to work on the 8th Street SE and 13th Street SW sidewalks after Labor Day.

Bridge Monument Restoration Project:
Atlas Foundation has completed the helical pier installation. Diamond Concrete continues to work on the walk and plaza replacement. 


Due to dry conditions and low mosquito population we will not be spraying this week.

We will be posting when and where spraying will take place.




Effective July 1, 2017, the following rate increases took place for certain city services, permits and fees.  The affected rates are shown below:



Construction permits with no onsite inspection                 $35

Construction permits with on onsite inspection                 $70

* The fees above cover the first $10,000 of cost, for every additional $1,000 of cost add $2.00

Fence or Hedge Permit                                                   $30

Demolition Permit                                                          $25



Circuits other than new building construction:

                First Circuit                                                    $10

                Each additional circuit                                     $  3

Temporary Service                                                          $30

Service Entrances, including new circuits:

Replacement / Upgrade:

                Up to 200 Amps                                               $30

                201-400 Amps                                                 $60

                Over 400 Amps                                                $10 for each add’tl 100 Amps

 New Service (Includes temporary)

                Up to 200 Amps                                                $60

                201-400 Amps                                                  $90

                Over 400 Amps                                                 $10 for each add’tl 100 Amps

Additional Inspections                                                        $30



Plumbing Permit                                                                 $20

Inspection Fees

                Water Service                                                    $20

                Sewer Service                                                    $20

                Water/Sewer at same time                                  $30

                Septic Tank                                                        $10

                Water Heater                                                      $15

                Plumbing                                                            $  5 for each item being inspected



Moving Permit                                                                      $50

Sign Permit                                                                          $35



Zoning Administrative Appeal                                                  $50

Fence Variance                                                                       $75

Sign Variance                                                                         $75

Special Exception Use                                                             $250

Zoning Variance                                                                      $250

Zoning Variance for Rear/side yard                                           $25

    originally platted 50 ft or less in width

Rezoning Application                                                                $50 plus actual expense of postage, publication, legal                                                                                                       and administrative



                                                                              At Trans Station                               Curbside

Televisions up to 13”                                                      $10                                                $15

Television 14” – 26”                                                        $15                                                $20

Television 27” +                                                             $20                                                $25

Flat Screen Television                                                     $10                                                $15

Computer Monitor                                                           $10                                                $15

Misc. E-Waste                                                                 $  3                                                $  8

Printers                                                                          $  5                                                $10

Computer Tower                                                             $  5                                                $10

Garage Door Openers                                                      $  5                                                $10

Propane Tanks (20lbs)                                                     $  5                                                $10

Appliances                                                                      $15                                                $20

Water Softeners                                                              $  7                                                $12

Pianos/Organs                                                                 $15                                                $25

Furniture                                                                        $  7                                                $12


                Car                                                                $  5                                                $12

                Small Truck & SUV                                          $  8                                                $18

                Lg Truck/Semi                                                $12                                               $22

                Implement                                                     $40                                                $50

Tires w/ Rims (extra)                                                      $  5                                                $  5



Opening and Closing of Graves

                Baby Graves                                                   $325

                Adult Graves                                                   $650

                Mausoleum Crypt                                            $650

                Cremains (Grave/Columbarium)                       $300

                Cremains (Mausoleum)                                    $650

                Saturday Burial                                               $250 additional to above costs

                Sunday Burial                                                 $1,500

                Winter Burial (Dec 1 – April 1)                         $125 additional to above costs


Disinterment                                                                  Double cost of regular interment


Marker/Foundation/Other Fees

                Marker Permit                                                 $50

                Transfer of Grave Ownership                            $30

                Marker Installation

                                Under 450 sq in                              $100

                                450-650 sq in                                 $150

                                650 sq in +                                    $250

                                Vase Installation                             $25

                Marker Removal                                              $100

                Reset Fee                                                       $75

                Bronze Marker on Columbarium                        $30


Charges for Grave Spaces

12’ Grave                                                                       $650

10’ Grave                                                                       $600

8’ Grave                                                                         $550

Flat Stone Areas                                                             $450

Mausoleum Crypt                                                            $650

Columbarium Single Vault                                                $650

Columbarium Double Vault                                               $1,200

2017-2018 Solid Waste / Recycling Collection Schedule

The 2017-2018 Solid Waste / Recycling Collection schedule is now available.  You can download your new schedule here.  If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at (712) 580-7200.


Beginning May 1st the City of Spencer will be surveying properties for grass and weeds that exceed the 8" height rule.  Properties with grass/weeds that exceed 8" in height will be posted and property owners given 7 days to mow.  After 7 days, non-compliant properties will be mowed by the city, with associated costs billed to the property owner.  If you would like to apply for an "exemption" for haying, please ocntact Delray Bredehoeft at 580-7260 for an application.  For more information check out the City website at