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City News

Sidewalk Snow Removal

It is the responsibility of the abutting property owner to remove snow and ice accumulations from the public sidewalks adjacent to their residence or place of business after a snow event. In the Spencer downtown commercial district, 12 hours is allowed from the time the snowfall ceases. In all other areas of the city, 24 hours is allowed from the time the snowfall ceases. If an abutting property owner does not remove the snow and ice within the time specified, the city may do so and assess the cost, including an administration fee.

Snow Parking Ordinance

City of Spencer Prohibits Parking during snow events.

No Parking on city streets or alleys from 12:00 midnight to 7:00 am.

This goes into effect if the National Weather Service predicts a snow accumulation of 2 or more inches or if new snow accumulation has reached 2 or more inches measured at the KICD radio station.

The snow event shall continue so long as snow accumulation continues and for an additional 48 hours after snowfall has ended. Non-compliance will result in a $100 fine and/or towed.

City Code, Title 7-5-7 article A

City Offices Closed

In observance of Veteran's Day, City Offices will be closed on Monday, November 11th.  All offices will return to normal operating hours on Tuesday, November 12th.  Solid waste pick up will be moved back one day next week.  

Control of Vegetation

The City of Spencer has adopted an ordinance that requires our citizens to maintain grass and weeds to a height of no more than eight inches (8”) on private property and on the public right-of-ways adjacent to their land. An exception to this restriction may be granted for certain areas within the community such as natural or wooded areas, native prairies, or land used for agricultural purposes. If a portion or all of your land is being used for one or more of these uses, you can contact City Hall (580-7200) and city staff will assist you through the application process.


When a tract of land or street right of way is found to have vegetation in excess of eight inches in height, a sign will be posted on the property by the City giving notice of the violation. If after seven (7) days the property has not been brought into compliance, the City will hire a contractor to mow the property and a statement of charges will be sent to the owner. If the charges are not paid within thirty (30) days, the charges will be certified with the county and collected with and in the same manner as general taxes.


Mowing is the only allowed method of maintaining the street right-of-ways in Spencer. The use of fire or herbicides that are formulated to destroy grasses is not to be used within the street right-of-ways. The use of herbicides to control plant growth on private property is not prohibited. Controlling vegetation on private property with fire is allowed only by permit by the Spencer Fire Department (580-7240).


If you have any questions regarding the maintenance and control of plant growth within Spencer, please contact City Hall during regular business hours by calling 580-7200, or by email at .  


For more information, check out Title 4 –Chapter 2; Control of Vegetation in the City Code under Public Notices on the City of Spencer website.

Mowing Notice

Beginning in May, the City of Spencer will be surveying properties for grass and weeds that exceed the 8” height rule. Properties with grass/weeds that exceed 8” in height will be posted and property owners given 7 days to mow.  After 7 days, non-compliant properties will be mowed by the city, with associated costs billed to the property owner.  If you would like to apply for an “Exemption” for haying, please contact Delray Bredehoeft at 580-7260 for an application. 

Recreational Season Passes on Sale NOW

Both the Spencer Municipal Golf Course and Spencer Family Aquatic Center are selling season passes for 2019.  You may purchase passes for both facilites online today.  The links to the order forms are below:

Municipal Golf Course
Aquatic Center

Residential Sharps Disposal

Sharps/Syringe disposal containers are available at no cost the residents of Spencer and Rural Clay County. These are available at the Transfer Station at 3101 W 18th St, Monday-Saturday between the hours of 8 A.M. and 5 P.M..

Return full containers to the transfer station for proper disposal. PLEASE DO NOT DISPOSE OF THEM IN YOUR REGULAR GARBAGE. This program is in effect to protect the employees of the solid waste division and the landfill. Please call 712-580-7270 with any questions.