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City of Spencer Safety Announcement

Safety Notice for Electrical and Gas Equipment Affected by Flood Waters

Any electrical or gas equipment that has been affected by flood waters (is or has been wet) is not safe to continue operation and should be evaluated and/or replaced.

Any electrical equipment or wiring that has been affected by water should have electrical service removed and replaced. This is a safety hazard that requires immediate attention. Electrical breakers that have been wet may not operate as designed.

If your service equipment and/or electrical panels have been affected by flood water and you have electricity at your property, please contact SMU immediately to disconnect power. 712-580-5800

If your electrical service panel and/or distribution panel has NOT been affected by water, but you have equipment or wiring that has been, those circuits should be isolated or removed from the distribution. Affected wiring and or equipment will need to be evaluated by an electrician and replaced. Re-energizing will be scheduled by the electrician and can only take place upon inspection, commercially by the state electrical inspector and residentially by the City of Spencer.

If your electrical service was not affected in any way by water, then have an electrician confirm this.  Electricians should review the service and then schedule inspection. (learn more)

Any gas values or meters that have been affected by water should be removed and replaced. Trained technicians are assessing the damage and will restore service as soon as it’s safe to do so.

As floodwaters recede, following restoration of your water and electrical services, and once your appliances have been inspected by a professional, please call Black Hills Energy at 888-890-5554 to have your natural gas service restored and damaged metering equipment replaced.

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