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Control of Vegetation – Public Service Announcement

The City of Spencer has adopted an ordinance that requires our citizens to maintain grass and weeds to a height of no more than eight inches (8”) on private property and on the public right-of-ways adjacent to their land. An exception to this restriction may be granted for certain areas within the community such as natural or wooded areas, native prairies, or land used for agricultural purposes. If a portion or all of your land is being used for one or more of these uses, you can contact Recreation Director Jared Elbert (580-7260) and he will assist you through the application process.

When a tract of land or street right of way is found to have vegetation in excess of eight inches in height, a sign will be posted on the property by the City giving notice of the violation. If after seven (7) days the property has not been brought into compliance, the City will hire a contractor to mow the property and a statement of charges will be sent to the owner. If the charges are not paid within thirty (30) days, the charges will be certified with the county and collected with and in the same manner as general taxes.

Mowing is the only allowed method of maintaining the street right-of-ways in Spencer. The use of fire or herbicides that are formulated to destroy grasses is not to be used within the street right-of-ways. The use of herbicides to control plant growth on private property is not prohibited. Controlling vegetation on private property with fire is allowed only by permit by the Spencer Fire Department (580-7240).

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance and control of plant growth within Spencer, please contact City Hall during regular business hours by calling 580-7200 x 217, or by email at aschulz@spenceriowacity.com .

For more information, check out Title 4 –Chapter 2; Control of Vegetation in the City Code.

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